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The benefits of using drones for inspections continued.....

  1. Minimal health and safety issues to operator, battery operated lightweight UAV’s
  2. Emergency response service – deploy at short notice to your asset
  3. Work with your staff to gain the information you need
  4. High quality repeatable datasets allowing a time stamp to be applied on the condition of your asset
  5. Ability to operate in many environments and thus gain imagery that would not be possible from manned aircraft or on the ground

Aerial inspections services around the world. These range from cell towers to bridges and even gas pipelines. The bottom line is this: Drones give you the chance to reach places that might traditionally be pretty dangerous for a crew of inspectors.

But as well as being safer, drones armed with high definition cameras can often complete the job a whole lot quicker, too. Just think how much powerlines can be covered by a drone compared to a man, or how quickly a drone can reach the top of a cell tower.

Tall and complex structures can be inspected with ease. Structures such as oil rigs, platforms, towers and chimneys all present a danger to personnel, particularly when operations take place at height in hostile environments where waves, wind and weather place further demands on the individuals inspecting the asset.

We can configure or develope a solution our drones for your special needs.


Drones used in Inspections in the news

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