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FAA Part 107 licensed and INSURED


  • Inspections Aerial and Confined Spaces.
  • Aerial Video and Photography services.
  • Virtual Reality/360 video and Photography services.
  • Trainning on flying, maintaining and repair of drone based systems.
  • Developing Drone based solutions for you needs.
  • HD Video / EO / IR / THERMAL / NIR / LIDAR capability


    Aerial and Confined Spaces

    The benefits of using drones for Inspection:

    1. No risk of accidents, health and life threats for the inspection members.

    2. High quality real time on time data when you need.

    3. Stabilized GPS equipped aircraft, stabilized camera systems.

    4. There is an array of sensors available to collect your data HD Video / EO / IR / THERMAL / NIR / LIDAR capability

    5. Experienced and highly capable staff backed by robust safe systems of work

    6. No down time, asset stays operational during the inspection
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    Drones in Real Estate

    Drones Have Changed Real Estate Marketing:

    • Marketing a real estate property is one of the most difficult things to do in business today. The competition is brutal, partly because online listings generate most of the leads. Almost every property buyer today begins her search online.

    • So, it can be really hard to stand out from the pack

    • How Have Drones Changed Real Estate Marketing

    • That’s why differentiating property listings through high-quality photography and video pays huge dividends. Today, the latest marketing weapon in real estate is the use of dramatic camera drone photography & video tours in online listings.

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